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Finding Your Destiny

Baltimore, MD

Finding Your Destiny, Inc. Domestic Violence Shelter & Suicide Prevention is an organization that understands hurt and pain caused by domestic violence and suicide. Our daughter at the age of 19 was murdered and hung in her closet to frame her as committing suicide. Domestic Violence she experienced included: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, isolation, stalking, sexual cohesion, and threats of physical harm to herself and family.

This is said to inform everyone that this organization is 100% dedicated to helping you in every aspect of your journey to safety and recovery. No person will be judged. We restore self-esteem, integrity, hope, and changes futures by removing the masks that abuse and violence put on a person.

All persons will be loved and treated with Integrity, Respect, and Empathy. We love and enjoy our journey of helping those reach their Destiny!

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